Friday, October 11, 2013

When It All Began

What are the first symptoms of MS? Every person is different, but for me I think my first symptom happened in the fall of 2007. I began taking tap at a local dance studio and noticed my big toe on my right foot felt "funny". The best way to explain the feeling I experienced is to say it felt a little numb and crampy. I chalked it up to wearing tap shoes and using my feet in a way they were so not used to. In the spring of 2008, my toe seemed to be just fine again. Woo-hoo! All was well! Then sometime in 2009, the big toe on my left foot started feeling that same numb/crampy way. Again, I was still dancing, so just figured it had something to do with the tap shoes & dancing. This time the strange feeling only lasted a couple of months and then was back to normal. All was fine in my mind and no more thought was put into what had caused the toe issues.

Twists & Turns....Downs & Ups

Keeping up with this blog has been a weakness of mine, but things are a-changin' around here! I have recently (September 2013) been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS)and want to share my experiences with anyone who is interested in knowing. Will still continue posting my Sweet Whimsy creations sporadically throughout this journey, as that is still a huge part of my life and hope it continues to be!