Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures of some of the new pendants!

Here's a taste of some of the new pendants Sweet Whimsy exclusively has!

The watercolors are done by Land O Lakes artist, Kim Cagle. Her work makes such adorable pendants! The turtle and hippo are part of her "love" series for Valentine's Day. Kim has more cute art that you can take a peek at on her blog.

Sweet Whimsy is so excited to be able to carry a line of her work in pendants! Jennifer & I really love that we get to share artists work through our pendants. AND when it's a local artist, it makes it even more exciting for us!

These pendants are $9 a piece for Scrabble size. Remember, you can only get them from US!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Partnership

We are so excited to be working with another artist carrying his work in our pendants. Keith Donaldson is the artist with Silhouettes in a Snap and makes hand sculptured silhouettes in minutes! We met him this weekend at the Wiregrass Mall Art & Craft Show and were just amazed! Jennifer sat for him for about 2 minutes & in that time, he cut out the perfect silhouette out of black paper of her.
Visit his site to take a peek at his work.

My parents had ones done of my brother and I back in the 70's at Disney. I'm so excited to get ones done of my children & not only hang them in our house, but get to wear them as a pendant!
Will share pictures of the pendants once we have them completed!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exclusive Sweet Whimsy pendants

Sweet Whimsy has started out 2010 with a bang!!! We are working with 3 artists and are making pendants with their images.....and only Sweet Whimsy will have them! They are exclusive to us, so you won't be able to find these images anywhere else.

Two artists are local to the Tampa area.
One is from Art-in-Bloom artist, Kim Cagle. You can take a peek at some of her whimsical drawings at

The other is from Marcia Locke. Marcia paints beautiful pet portraits and her work makes just gorgeous pendants.

The other artist is from Scribble Prints, Gale Langley. Visit her blog to see some of her unique, "scribble" work.

Will post pictures of their pendants soon. :)