Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's my turn!

So often I'm using other artists' work in the pendants I create, but this time, I decided to use my own! 

Years ago, back in my teaching days, I took a painting class at Funky as a Monkey studio.  (Man, that place was great & I hated seeing it close!)  It was the first actual painting class I'd ever taken and I painted a canvas that is currently in my son's bedroom since it's ocean themed.  Here's part of the actual painting.

Decided to try out turning some of the fish into pendants & here's the result.

I'm really happy with the final product & hope that others will enjoy wearing my little fish.  :)

We've been FEATURED!

Jen & I are so excited to be featured in Laura Barbosa's blog!  Laura's featuring one artisan a month to spotlight how they are using her work in their creations.  Sweet Whimsy is the FIRST artisan to be featured!  So exciting!!! 

Here are some of the pendants we've created so far that feature Laura's work.
(We've actually created more than this, but just haven't gotten around to taking photos of all of them....yet.)  
Laura's paintings are everything from realistic to surreal to contemporary.  She's such a talented artist and we love that we can help share her work with the world through our pendants!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creating time

Finished our last show of the spring season.  It's just way too hot here in Central Florida to do anymore outdoor shows until fall.  This will give us tons of time to create new pendants to stock up for our incredibly busy fall to come! 

Took some photos of our booth at yesterday's Shop Among the Flowers event.  The booth is almost to the point where we're happy with it.  Still waiting to get risers for displaying pendants, but Dad is still working on those.  


We even had a little friend join us at the event!  He was the cutest, fuzziest caterpillar.  Couldn't resist taking pictures!