Thursday, February 23, 2012

Molds....and not the fungi type

The past 4 years I've been creating pendants using resin on top to give them a glass-like appearance. Every time I make a batch, I hate throwing out the extra resin that is left over. Recently, I purchased a few molds (ones I found on Etsy) and started using the extra resin to make resin pendants. Decided to research (oh, how I love thee, Internet!) and found out how to make my own. This is my first mold attempt.
First I bought the mold making set.

Next, I took out equal parts of A and B.

Smushed the 2 parts together for 1 minute

Flattened the mold putty and embedded the object I wanted a mold of (in my case, a starfish).

Here's the finished mold. Now I just have to wait 24 hours before I can pour my resin in to create a starfish pendant!! Will post pictures when it's done!!!!

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