Monday, May 4, 2009

Our new addition!

Couldn't wait to share the great news! It's a girl.....puppy that is! :)

We visited the Humane Society of Tampa Bay yesterday & fell in love with the sweetest pup! She's just a mix breed, but she's definitely the PERFECT mixed breed. The Humane Society estimated her to be about 4 months old and she weighs about 25 pounds right now. She could get to be up to 60 pounds, but we think she's going to wind up more around the 40 pound mark.

Both kids LOVE her & she's pretty calm for a puppy. Our son is more rambunctious than the puppy, so the transition has been easy so far. :) She listens really well and already knows sit, down and shake. She's not housetrained yet, but I think she'll be easier to housetrain than Evan is to potty train. :p

If you're looking for a pet, adoption from a shelter is best! You're giving a great pet a home and so many animals are out there just waiting for their "forever family". This is our second dog adoption from the Humane Society. Our first dog was wonderful & we think our new baby will be a great family dog too.


  1. She's a beauty! I'm so glad you shared her pic.

  2. Cute puppy! I can't wait to see your "Bacon Inspired" piece!!